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GRM! Alternate download links - Fri 20 Jan 2012 02:40 by Fafner
Updated 9/12/15
Here's the main install file for D-Day. This is all you need to play. It's 207 MB:

alternate link from Night Rider:
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GRM! New Bug Tracker - Tue 07 Jun 2011 03:57 by Fafner
I installed a tracker for reporting bugs & suggestions. PLEASE USE IT! It will help me a lot for keeping track of what needs to be fixed:


You can also use it to make suggestions. If you want to request adding CTC to a certain map or new gameplay modes or whatever feel free to add it.

It only takes a few seconds to register. You can just put anything under email address and real name and it will work.

Once you've registered, click here to report a bug/suggestion.
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GRM! "D-Day: Normandy" - Tribute by J. Belgier - Sat 29 Jan 2011 02:15 by JoeyBelgier

Well, I've put some work in this today, I hope you guys like it a bit.

I'm going to try to spread the video with the purpose of getting new and active players.
If you have a spare second, please comment and rate on Youtube too.

Thanks for watching.
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GRM! Sandbags/Parachutes/Stats - Sat 28 Aug 2010 12:20 by Fafner
I've added a few code features recently:

-Engineers can drop sandbags. Pics here: viewtopic.php?p=87153#p87153

-Airborne can now use a parachute once per spawn. Either automatically when they spawn or by hitting the "arty" key

-Servers can now record some stats for players. You can see a player's rating on the server by looking at the extra scoreboard (double clicking the scoreboard bind). Servers need to create a "dday/stats" folder and put "set stats 1" in their server.cfg to enable it.

Dirk and I also wrote a PHP script to show player rankings on the server. Here's the stats for Dirk's server, this is a work in progress:


All of this is running on Dirk's server now.

The latest source/dll is also in the "source code" link on the left.
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GRM! Source Code Link - Thu 29 Jul 2010 03:22 by Fafner
I added a link on the left to a directory for "source code". Any time the code is updated (which isn't too often) I'll try to put the latest code in that directory. The most recent version of the code is in there now.
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GRM! D-Day 5.0 New Full Install - Sat 20 Mar 2010 08:53 by Fafner
I've put together a new full install of D-Day with all the teams and many of the common maps to make it easier for new players to play.

D-Day & Installer features:
8 teams: USA, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Poland, Italy & US Marines.
over 60 weapons
61 maps (plus hundreds more available)
Bot support

Here is a new video that shows off the bots in action:

Go here to download (204 MB):
http://www.filefront.com/15941007/D-Day ... v5-01.exe/

I'd also like to put together another package that has a lot more maps in it as a supplement to this so look for that in the future.

*3/26/10 update: if you had troubles downloading before try downloading again*
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GRM! Resist Walkthrough - Fri 05 Mar 2010 08:00 by Fafner
Afrow UK released the map "Point of Axis Resistance" (resist.bsp) last year. It's a great map and very complex. So complex that no one seemed to knew how to complete it. Well, the violator figured it out and recorded a demo of how to get all the objectives on the map. Here's the video:

If you want to watch the demo in the game instead, the dm2 file is in this thread:

If you want to download the map, it's here:
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GRM! New Campaign Mode - Thu 11 Feb 2010 12:08 by Fafner
I've coded a new campaign mode for D-Day that should be out very soon.

Each team starts with a set number of "Platoons". Whenever a team loses a map, they lose one platoon. If one team runs out, the other team wins the campaign. Or it can be set so if a team captures all the maps, they win the campaign. Each map can have up to 3 exit maps. So unlike with the old campaign mode where you could get stuck on dday1 over and over, that generally can't happen on this. I coded it so the server tries to play maps that haven't been played recently. (There is the possibility of some repetition but hopefully that will be minimal.)

Hopefully with this, the game will feel more like a "war" instead of just playing individual maps all the time. This should be playable on Dirk's within the next few days, I just have to finalize a few things and upload everything. So far there is just a Normandy campaign which will be votable for with "vote campaign norm". I'll probably add more campaigns later.

server ip:
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GRM! Dday Bots Test Release - Tue 13 Oct 2009 10:39 by Fafner
I've released a test version of a bot for D-Day based on the JABot (which is based on ACE Bot). Read this thread for more info:

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GRM! Point of Axis Resistance - Tue 04 Aug 2009 01:50 by Afrow UK
Hello everyone, been a while.

I stumbled upon this old GBR DLL map which I started while the GBR Team was in development. I can't remember if I ever released it but I seem to remember it being held up due to needing a demo on how to complete it. There still isn't a demo included but there's not much point leaving it on my old hard drive for it to be lost forever.


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