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GRM! D-Day: Normandy Game-Play Rules
  • General Game-Play Rules
Bad Language Just like on a chat room, or any other game, rude language or racist remarks are disallowed on ALL servers. Those that continually spam rude remarks are kicked and then usually banned from a server.
Bunnying Bunnying is the term used when a player continuously jumps up and down to avoid bullets. This is disallowed on nearly all servers, and those that do it are usually hated by the whole D-Day community. Some players have even been kicked off servers from doing continuous jumping.
Diving It is possible to 'dive' in D-Day, which people use to 'dive' around corners, or 'dive' down if they are getting attacked. This is forbidden on most servers, but bunnying is known to be a much worse sin than diving throughout the D-Day community.
Message Spamming Message Spamming is the term used from when a player continuously says the same or some messages over and over many times to deliberately annoy other players. This is not so widely hated as other rules, but on some servers, message spamming are a no-no!
Spawn Camping Spawn camping is the term used when a player continuously kills other players as they re-spawn. In nearly all maps, it is forbidden that a player can even go into another teams' spawn.
Swapping Teams to Deliberately TK It has been known that players have deliberately swapped teams (e.g. from Allies to Axis) to kill those team members (on Axis) from behind - so that the other team (Allies) can take a stronghold in a map. This is strictly forbidden, and is obviously wrong.
Team Killing Also known as TK'ing. This is obviously when a player kills another player who is on the same team as them. Those that do this (like all rule breakers) are kicked off a server.
Team Objective Destroying The objectives belonging to your team must only be destroyed by members of the opposing team. Those players that destroy their own objectives for fun, or to help the opposing team win will be kicked from a server.
Using Bots A 'Bot' is a special cheating add-in to Quake2 which allows a player to shoot through walls, have 100% accuracy, or run much much faster. Nearly all Bots are detected by servers, and warning messages are produced if a player using a Bot tries to connect to the server. Bot users are always kicked and then always banned.
A 'Bot' is also the term used for computer controlled AI (Artificial Intelligence) which are not the same as the the kind of Bot described above.
  • Map Rules
dday1 Lower beach Axis are not allowed on the lower beach (below the low wall along the beach.)
Allied landing crafts You must not continuously shoot at the boats where Allies spawn. You must also not throw grenades, or do arty's into the boats.
Give them a chance for goodness sake!
dday2 Allies' spawns exit (steps) Axis must not throw grenades onto the steps or over them into Allies' spawns.
It is acceptable to fire rockets upon the steps, but arty's are not allowed onto the steps. Arty's are allowed, however, anywhere in the Allies' base, as long as the officer calling the arty did so from beyond the steps.
Allies' spawns area Axis must not intrude over the steps into the Allies' base.
Lower Axis village Allies are not allowed below the slopes in the Axis village.
dday4 Allies' town Axis must not go into or stay inside the Allies' town area.
dday5 Outside bunker No Allies are allowed outside the bunker. (This could happen when the dry door is opened from the outside.)
Allies are, however, allowed into the sewer.
doomtown Axis spawns area Allies must not continually shoot down Axis troops as they spawn, even from a far distance.
You may also not deliberately enter the spawns at any time, throw grenades or flame inside their spawns.
Allies' spawns area Axis must also not shoot down any Allies as they spawn. Axis must also never throw grenades upon the ramps where the Allies exit their spawns.
gbrdday2 The beach No Axis are allowed onto any of the beach area.
The bunker No British Forces are allowed to stay in the bunker system. They are allowed in there to take points, but must leave immediately and not spawn camp.
gbrdday3 Axis base area British should not enter the Axis base area around their spawns.
gbrdday3 British base area Axis should not enter the Axis base area around their spawns or heavily camp their single exit.
gbrdday4 British Forces side of bridge Depending on the game server, Axis are NOT allowed on the British Forces (GBR) side of the bridge.
British Forces spawns area On all servers, no Axis are allowed into the GBR spawns area. Axis must also stay out of the back routes leading from GBR spawns. (These passage ways are all behind the out looking cliff.)
gbrdday5 Axis spawns sand bags No British are allowed past the Axis spawns sandbags. This also means that no British can enter the Axis house.
gbrsnow1 British spawns No Axis are allowed inside British spawns, and should not stay within the house beside the spawns.
Axis spawns British should not go into Axis spawns behind the shed, nor should they go into the shed beside the spawns.
gbrsnow2 British spawns Axis should stay at the bottom of the slope from the British spawns. British are however allowed near Axis spawns (up the slope) because the entrance to their objectives are there! *hint* *hint*
British spawn area No Axis are allowed into the British spawns area in front of their sand bags.
gbrsnow3 British spawns No Axis should pass the gate and go into the British spawns.
Axis spawns No British should pass the gate and go into the Axis spawns. Camping the gates from a long distance is also frowned upon.
outpost Allies' spawns area No Axis are allowed in the small spawn area for Allies. Axis must not camp Allies by standing on the hut roofs or anywhere near to the spawns. Axis are allowed on the higher level of grass.
inland1 Allies' spawn area No Axis are allowed down the steps onto the ramp, or anywhere in view of the Allies' spawns.
inland2 Axis spawn area Allies must not throw grenades, TNT or arty through the hole into the Axis spawns. Allies must also never shoot Axis as they spawn from behind the spawns.
invade2 Axis spawns (house) Allies can not enter the Axis spawns inside the main house. However, Allies are allowed anywhere around the outside of the house.
invade3 Allies spawns exit All Allies start underneath the ground in a bunker, and exit through a one-way hatch. Axis must not continually kill Allied players leaving their spawns, and also must not throw explosives, or shoot down the hatch.
Axis spawns exit Axis also start within an underground bunker, exit through a door, and up a ladder into their trenches. Allies are allowed past the Axis spawns exit to destroy objectives, but must not continually kill Axis players leaving their spawns. This also means that Allies must not throw explosives, or shoot down the Axis spawns exit.
invade4 Axis / Allies spawns Both Allies and Axis teams start behind a bank of earth, behind a high wall. Never during a game must anyone on either team enter the opposite team's spawns by climbing upon a players' shoulders.
invade5 Allies spawns (house) It is forbidden that Axis go into the Allies' house (spawn area) Those that enter the house a few times will be kicked from the game server.
Note: Some servers do not allow players on team Axis to cross the bridge onto the Allies' side of the map.
invade6 Allies base Axis must not enter the Allies' spawns (behind the hut) or even enter the hut itself.

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USA! How To Play

1. Read the Game Rules!

2. Download the game and Install:

D-Day Full Install (211 Mb)

Download from mega.nz -

3. Click "Update Servers List.exe".

4. Launch the game using D-Day Launcher.exe, hit the escape key and join a server through the multiplayer menu.

That's it! To download more maps check out this thread.

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