4.1.4 func_explosive_objective

by Jim Dunlop
For this entity, the Specific/Arg's are as follows:

health - The amount af damage needed to "destroy" the entity.  At least a few hundred is good.
mass - A measure of how much "shrapnel" lingers after the explosion.  500 = pretty chunky.
dmg - The amount of damage the explosion inflicts upon the surroundings when it occurs.
obj_owner - The team that owns the entity.  The other team gets the points.  Allies="0", Axis="1"
obj_name - The name to be displayed in the message when destroyed.  Ex.:  "Fuel Dump destroyed by Jim Dunlop on team Axis."
obj_gain - The amount of points the "destroying" team gains.
obj_loss - The amount of points the "defending" team loses.

To make the entity, again start with a standard entity that has a brush along with it.  func_explosive is a good idea because not only does it come with a brush, but it also has some Specifics in place already.  If you need more than one brush to "explode", select the brush already owned by the entity and duplicate it.  The new brush will already be within the entity in the Object Directory.

Unlike objective_touch's, func_explosive_objective's are usually visible and quite solid.

Again, use your creativity...the sky's the limit with this one, and everyone likes a good, hearty explosion.  For instance, on TheSarge's map "Dinant River Bridge" one of the Allied objectives is to destroy the bridge.  However, this severely hinders their path to some of their other objectives.  Thus, the map encouraged strategy because the Allies must think and attain their other objectives first before blowing up the bridge.

Example Screenshot of func_explosive_objective:


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