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4.1.3 objective_touch

by Jim Dunlop
For this entity, the Specific/Arg's are as follows:

obj_owner - The team that owns the objective when the map is loaded; i.e. the other team will have to get points by taking it first.  "0" for Allies and "1" for Axis.
health - The number of points the team that takes the objective recieves.
dmg - The number of points the team that loses the objective loses.
message - The name of the objective.  Ex.: "Apartments taken by Jim Dunlop on team Axis" will be displayed on the screen if I am on Axis and take the Apartments.

When crafting this entity, start with a standard "trigger" entity so that you have a nice little brush packaged neatly in the entity, as seen in the Object Directory.  Make sure to give this brush an invisible, no-clipping texture property; selecting id's "trigger" texture (the tan one with the word "trig" on it) should do this automatically.  When placing the brush, make sure none of its corners poke out of the building or whatever the objective is.  Otherwise, someone may be able to take the objective by touching an outside wall!

Screenshot Example of objective_touch:


Note:  The "trigger" texture is actually mostly tan, but appears red because the entity is selected.

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