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3.3.2 Texture Translation (Positioning)

by Jim Dunlop
Now that we have the rustic door from the last lesson all messed up, we need to move its texture.  Making sure the correct face is selected, click on the vertex where the two branches of the "texture L" in the lower left connect...


...and drag it around until the texture is in the desired position.  I suggest moving it to the right in this case.  As in scaling with the "L", you can see the texture being moved around in the 3D textured view!  Here's a possible result:


and with a little touching up through more scaling and translating we can get it to look pretty decent:


At this point you may be saying, "But Jim, how am I supposed to see the edges of the texture (the most critical part) when the stupid wireframe structure is in the way on the 3D view?"  Well, you can get rid of it, like in the image above, by hitting Escape twice or simply clicking on another object in the map.

I suppose that, like with scaling, you could manually enter the desired texture position in the field above the "texture manipulation" area in the lower left, but I think this may be very complicated.

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