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3.3 Selecting a Texture for a Face

by Jim Dunlop
We've got our ammo crate from the previous lesson.  It looks strange, though.  To make it more realistic, let's start by changing the top texture.  Click on the "top face" yellow square visible in the 3D window to select it.  It takes a little getting used to to correlate squares with faces in your mind.  Note: Faces can also be selected in the 3 normal views.


Now you should see a whole bunch of new displays, including the "selected face" area in the bottom left of the screen and the "texture L" both in this area and on the 3D view.  Click on the "choose texture for selected face" button; it looks like a slanted square with a T on it:


Like in the previous lesson, choose the desired texture; in this case we want "base_boxtop":


In similar fashion, choose "base_box" for a side panel of the crate, and it will now look like this:


Still needs work.  On to the next lesson...

SPECIAL NOTES:  Instead of having to select each face in turn, you can use the little triangular arrow buttons in the "selected face" area to flip among the brush's faces:


and you can flip from Object Directory (1) to Selected Object (2) to Selected Brush (3) to Selected Face (4) to 3D View (5) using the tabs shown below:


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