dedicated to continuing the development of D-Day: Normandy
Using QuArK to make D-Day maps
brought to you by the DRD staff

1.0 Getting Started
1.1 Formulating an Idea/Plan
1.2 Creating a New Map
1.3 Configuring QuArK
2.0 Adding Brushes
2.1 Different Brush Shapes and Placement
2.2 Brush Sizing & Shaping
2.3 Brush Alignment
3.0 Texture Manipulation
3.1 Linking to Textures with the Texture Toolbox
3.2 Selecting a Texture for an Entire Brush
3.3 Selecting a Texture for a Face
3.3.1 Texture Scaling
3.3.2 Texture Translation (Positioning)
3.3.3 Texture Rotation
3.3.4 Texture Skewing
3.3.5 Texture Flags
3.3.6 "Backwards" and "Upside-Down" Textures
3.4 Creating Your Own Textures
4.0 Adding Entities
4.1 Required D-Day Entities
4.1.1 info_team_start
4.1.2 info_(class)_start
4.1.3 objective_touch
4.1.4 func_explosive_objective
4.2 Useful and Cool Entities
5.0 Lightning Techniques
6.0 Good D-Day Stuff
7.0 Compiling Your Map
This tutorial takes you step-by-step through various features of QuArK v5.10 and is geared towards making maps for the Quake2 mod D-Day: Normandy.  The program, required compilers, and plugins are available at