DDay client download package for Raspberry Pi (Linux)

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DDay client download package for Raspberry Pi (Linux)

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Raspbian OS is a fork of Debian, basically to run Linux on the single board ARM Raspberry Pi, i dont know enough in programing to convert x86 code to run on Linux thus the client is far out of my reach, as far as the dedicated server is simple, just type: make in console in the dedicated folder and it will compile the server executable and the .so (dll) for Linux... and thats about as far as my knowledge of that goes that allows me to run a Q2 server on cloud based Linux servers and now on the Pi
If anyone is interested in building a client for Raspberry Pi let me know, if you dont have a Raspberry Pi to test it on, i can create a SSH and sreen thingy for you so you can access it and even install your preferred IDE...... let me know
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Re: DDay client download package for Raspberry Pi (Linux)

Post by PowaBanga »

I yet compiled q2pro for dday with arm and aarch64
You can follow this steps to do it : https://github.com/PowaBanga/DDaynorman ... INSTALL.md
this will compil dedicated and client, q2admin and dday...
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