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The Death Fiend of Omaha

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:13 am
by Mr. YOur no fun

Heinrich Severloh: Die Todfeinde von Omaha Beach

The fateful meeting between two men is the madness of war: On 6 June 1944 were the German Heinrich Severloh shooter, then 21, and the American David Silva, then 19, on the beach at Omaha Beach as enemies. Severloh orders were to defend the beach section against the allied troops. The German soldier was shot seven hours on the attackers. With a total of 12,000 shots from his gun, he should have taken no fewer than 2,500 men killed and probably the only soldier more people than any other. David survived badly injured. 60 years after the massacre the mortal enemies of meeting once again - on the beach at Omaha Beach.

The pocket of resistance was 62, a paved and partly bunkered German base during the Second World War, which was located on the coast of Normandy. The fame of this defensive position comes from the fact that the U.S. landed troops which landed in 1944 as part of Operation Overlord, had caused the fire from this position, enormous losses.

The 62 included a pocket of resistance about 332 × 324-meter area, which contains about 50 100 feet away from the coastline. It was located about one kilometer north of Colle-sur-Mer on an ascending towards the hinterland, about 20 degrees elevation from limestone. The different positions and structures of this base were located 10 to 50 feet above sea level and allowed a relatively good view of the beach front of it land. When the Operation Overlord began, the area of ​​the resistance nest 62 fell into the American section of Omaha Beach landing. It was here exactly on the border of subsections Easy Red and Fox Green.

The crew of the nest of resistance was composed of 62 members of 716th Infantry Division (27 soldiers) and members of the 352nd Infantry Division (13 soldiers) together. Altogether, only 40 soldiers. The main task of the 13 soldiers of the 352nd Infantry Division, it was here to direct the artillery fire of the artillery batteries located in the hinterland. Among other things, this base were assigned: * Lieutenant Bernhard Frerking (Feuerleitoffizier) * Lieutenant Grass (Deputy Feuerleitoffizier) * Sergeant Pie * Wachtmeister Ewald Fack (remote detector) * Sergeant Beermann * Corporal Forester * Corporal Krieftewirth * Corporal Brink Meier * Corporal Kuska * Lance Corporal Peter Lützen * Lance Corporal Theo Brinkbäumer * Corporal Henry Severloh (fellow of lieutenant Frerking, used in the base as a machine gunner at the MG 42) * Corporal Franz Gockel (machine gunner on one of two Polish prey MGs) * Corporal Flossmann * Corporal Kowalski * Corporal Kwiatkowski * Corporal Hans * Lance Corporal Kurt Selbach Wernecke (radio operator) * * Corporal Corporal Michel Schnichels Bersik * First Class * Bruno Plota Grenadier Herbert Schulz (radio operator) * Soldier Heckmann

The pocket of resistance was 62, as well as the 14 other pockets of resistance in the country section of Omaha, in the early morning of 6 June 1944 by American B-24 bombers attacked. It was (especially in the southern, landward of the position) damage. Subsequently, Anglo American warships bombarded the future landing sites. Around 6:30 clock in the first eleven waves of American troops landing approached the beach before the 62nd of resistance Through the base of the guided artillery fire, and especially by the machine gun fire of Corporal Henry Severloh that about 12,000 shots fired machine-gun ammunition, the troops landing enormous losses inflicted. Severloh and Gockel shot in addition to machine-gun fire still 400 each targeted individual shots with their rifles from the landing troops. About 15:30 clock, the last survivors of the base and retreated into the hinterland to the back pocket of resistance 63, which is contrary to the official naming only one bunkered command post - was - without loopholes and weapons installed. These survivors reached the shelter at 16:30 clock.

Re: The Death Fiend of Omaha

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:49 pm
by GypsyLlama
I honestly understood about 40% of that, eetay ouldway avehay eenbay oremay erstandableunday eenay igpay atinlay...

Re: The Death Fiend of Omaha

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:29 pm
by Mr. YOur no fun
You can follow it. 2000 Killed or wounded, the Death Fiend of Omaha. And it weighs on his heart all the rest of his life.