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Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:32 am
by tanatovago
This is a simple contribution for builders of the polish dll.
They are some prefab of Polish vehicles and cannons
In the illustration we have: 7tp-cannon, 7tp-hmg, tks3 (tankette) and Citroen-Kegresse P19 (truck)
Compared to King-Tiger (with a beautiful texture) , poslish tanks are very small


For this group they still lack 2 cannons, 1 tankette, and an armored " Ursus " (similar to the BA-20 Russian)

When it finishes I place the link for you!


Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 7:47 am
by Rab,d
Great job, Tanato. Thx! :)

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 8:47 am
by RogoS[Ums]
Lol nice :shock: :)

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 7:42 am
by Lewin

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 11:42 am
by MacMillan
That are a lot... and some nice ones to... btw great job..


Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 2:11 am
by tanatovago
get here : http://geocities.yahoo.com.br/tanatovag ... tovago.zip

(sorry link it off some times..but try again)

Prefabs por Tanatovago (tanatovago@yahoo.com.br)

Here it is a small contribution for the developers of the "polish dll". It will probably be more useful to the mappers. All were used for the I exercise of the Poland during Second World War "

2 light tanks
2 mini tanks " tankete "
1 truck " halftrack "

1 hmg (ready to use with the dll SHEAFT)
1 heavy cannon in transport
1 armed heavy cannon
1 light cannon

I increased some textures with symbols to identify Poland you stop the folder " /textures/blindados " and " textures/colpiron "; also the textures for the tracks of the tanks; and one for the steering wheel of the truck. For you to see the " prefabs " with all your textures you need to have the group of textures of the series "metal#_ ###.wal" that are in the informed folder. Instal textures in "..quake2/dday/textures/blindados" and "..quake2/dday/textures/colpiron" and prefabs in your "work dday folder"

You mapper, will be able to: to use other textures, to do cuts in the polys of the "prefabs", to change positions of the towers of the tanks or to cause damages us "prefabs " or put/remove details. BUT YOU DONT CAN ALTER THE SCALE OF THE VEHICLES!

For the time being it is alone.....

PS: I put in zip too : 1 file with all prefabs in quakr6v3 format
1 file with all prefabs in quakr6v3dday ONLY format
9 files in .map format (one for each prefab)

"I want agility, hight ping and a frag of you! "

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 8:54 am
controlable hmg yay now it should get used to

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 1:44 pm
by GypsyLlama
I'll put one beside one of the shell holes in my map.

Thanks Tana, good work as always.

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 2:34 pm
by Dirk

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 10:03 pm
by GypsyLlama
the controllable mg doesn't work

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2005 2:25 pm
by tanatovago
GypsyLlama wrote:the controllable mg doesn't work
The hmg this ready one to be copied and paste in the position in that this in the file of the prefabs. Apenes copies it paste in your map, don't rotate!
If you rotated her, or it changed the turret_drive or polys " ORIG " her right had not worked. If you rotated the hmg you should modify the attributes of the entities SHEAFT

I test turret hmg before put in zip....no problem in default position

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 3:15 pm
by GypsyLlama
well it's not a whole lot of help if you can't point it in the proper direction is it?

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2005 4:29 am
by Fafner
For the turrets I made the barrel has to be pointed towards 0 degrees in the editor, I think. But then you set the "angle" to the direction you want, like "angle 270" or whatever.

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 12:55 am
by Mr. YOur no fun
That is how I remember it when I used the artillery piece in a couple maps.