"Dive - follow me down" to DDAY Normandy mod

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"Dive - follow me down" to DDAY Normandy mod

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This is an old map to "Action Quake2." Its original name is "Dive - follow me down", the author is "WizardExt." 8)
I thought it would be really cool for the "Quake2 DDAY Normandy."
I edited the file. ENT for our beloved game mode.
Added support to play using BOTS.
Teams from the dlls USMC and JPN.
The map is won with 50 deaths.

Files to use Dive map: files.to.DIVE.map.bot.texture.rar
Inside rar file: folder dive textures, dive.bsp, dive.jpg, dive.nav, dive.cmp and dive.ent files.


I hope you use and like it ! 8)

Other files here: Tanato Game Front files to download 8)
I have heavy ping..and you dead!

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