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10-23-2018 - Having no life and being obsessive I have been altering and upgrading some maps that I have included in the dropbox file hirezv2updates. There are maps and navigation folders that have the upgrades from 3-23-18 plus several new variations. These 10-23-2018 and 3-23-18 maps and navigation files are now in the same folder on dropbox. You should be able to redownload it to get all of these.

There is a railyardbhv2.ent file that is not in a folder that you can copy in your ent folder. It slightly alters the railyardbhv2 map, in that there are two supply crates that attach two buildings on the German side to give them more firing positions. I wanted to use a plank but the example given to me only included using crates and I couldn't figure out how to get it to be a plank. It's a game so everything can't be realistic. If you don't like this, well sue me for the cost of your map (oh wait, it is free).

-Dofdbhv3 altered the way the beach is laid out to recreated the original beach and adds incoming artillery. As always for the USA bring lots of Engineers. Dofdbhv4 has the beach changes but the cliff is now higher and a bit more difficult to get up, like the real thing.

-Soviet7bhv2 has a lot more firing positions and the map is more torn up, you can get into buildings and on roofs to shoot from.

-Sdmunfbhv2 now has the Stalingrad block more torn up, more firing positions, you can get into the other sides spawns but good luck lasting more that a few seconds. Blow up everything.

-Meatgrinderbhv2 moved from some walls to hide behind to the Japanese now have caves, and the fields of fire are more open.

-Lasttownbhv2 has more buildings that can be entered and fought over, bit more torn up.

-Iraidbhv3 one can get through the ridges many ways, sneak in behind the enemies lines, surprises everywhere.

-Greenisbhv3 - more open, and the UK can get up the cliffs to the Japanese areas, though not very often.

That is nine what I think of as improvements. If something doesn't work PM me and I will look at it.


03-23-2018 - being obsessive I have been making some maps better and converting a few more to the Bots Hirez texture group I have been making. That is why the BH is in the name of all of them so you can recognize them. There are nine in all. The maps are

Again if you are using Wheaty's launcher you need to open the settings and change the name of the map to match what is above. However this changes the main settings file so make sure to make a backup of the one that comes with the main dday game or you won't match the standard game. This has the maps and navigation files. Decompress in your dday file. The two links below still are true for the earlier versions that I made. Here is the link to the new group uploaded 3-23-2018

https://www.dropbox.com/preview/03-23-2 ... e=personal

https://www.dropbox.com/preview/03-23-2 ... e=personal


I created a new map (uk1abbh = United Kingdom 1st Airborne Bots Highrez) and also made new versions of 8 of my bh maps. They are in my opinion better, more balanced, and more things to do. They have the addition to their names of v2 so they don't erase the originals should you want those. They are at drop box - maps and navigation files only as everything else is in the main download. There are also three settings.txt files which are very important. Wheaty's Launcher (for home play) read settings.txt and sets the game at 7 bots a side and has the map list that Wheaty's follows for the order of the maps. THE IMPORTANT THING IS IF YOU WANT TO MAINTAIN THE ORIGINAL DDAY SETTINGS AND NOT HAVE THEM REPLACED THEN MAKE A COPY OF IT AND RENAME IT SHOULD YOU WANT TO RESTORE IT LATER. The three settings files (1) has the original BH map list (2) adds in these nine upgrades so they replace the map list Wheaty's uses and (3) keeps the original BH maps and then adds the 9 new and upgraded maps should you want all of them.

Dropbox link for the nine new and upgraded maps with navigation files.
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vp8rlt2v2057 ... 805ca?dl=0


Original maps and the addition of some old favorites with new textures. Large has all sounds, textures, etc.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/3cnjjgbvwjgty ... 7.zip?dl=0

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